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Where does time go_ Where did my baby go

Jackie was born in Southern California but did most of her growing up on the East coast. When it was time to pick her forever state she knew she was a California girl at heart. After spending some time in college and some time in the big apple she jumped on a jet plane and headed back to Cali.


Jackie has always had a love for all things creative, but it was when her mom hired a designer to update her bedroom that she realized interior design was where it was at. The design board created for her room hung proudly on the wall until it was time to head off to college.


Once planted back in Los Angeles Jackie went to work for a fashion designer and finally an interior designer in the Bay Area where she was taught the ins and outs of the interior design business. In that time Jackie had two babies Stone and Sterling.  Stone was born too early and passed away an hour after he arrived, Sterling was also born very early but fought hard and lives a very strong and determined life today. Jackie knew that when she started her own design business she would honor her little ones, for it is because of them she wants to grow and create.


Today Jackie lives in Southern California with her daughter. She works to create beautiful one of a kind spaces designed specifically for each of her clients to reflect their personal style. While the collection includes candles and pillows and will continue to expand, working one on one with our clients to create a custom home remains the focus of  Stone + Sterling Home.


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