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 Jackie is a seasoned interior designer with a passion for creativity and a keen eye for detail. Originally from Southern California, she spent her formative years on the East Coast before returning to her roots. After gaining experience working for established designers in both fashion and interior design, she decided to establish her own design business, which she named Stone + Sterling Home in honor of her two children.

 Though her journey was not without challenges, Jackie's dedication to her craft and commitment to her clients has remained steadfast. Her approach to design centers around creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, reflecting each client's unique personal style. She takes pride in working closely with her clients to ensure that each project is tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

 Today, Jackie continues to be based in Southern California, where she works with clients to create custom homes that are both elegant and inviting. Her extensive experience and attention to detail make her a sought-after designer, and her passion for design is evident in every project she undertakes. Whether creating a single room or an entire home, Jackie is committed to exceeding her clients' expectations and delivering exceptional results.

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